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Sign Up for Emergency Notifications

Get lifesaving alerts and instructions during emergencies to help you and others stay safe in Oregon.

Find your local alert system

Then select your system from the menu to continue to Step 2

How to sign up for alerts

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1 Find your local alert system using the search feature
Each jurisdiction has its own unique notification system. Use the search bar on this page to locate your local system by county, city, or zip code. Click Select & Continue to visit your county's sign-up form.
2 Fill out your contact details and select topics
The notification system only requires basic information like your name and phone number. Fill out the form, select what notifications you’re interested in, and click submit to begin receiving notifications.

Note: To stop receiving notifications, text STOP to any SMS or select Unsubscribe at the end of any email.

Common Questions

What is OR-Alert?

OR-Alert is an effort to ensure statewide access to receive alerts, warnings, and notifications (AWN) systems, enabling real-time sharing of hazard information across Oregon’s 36 counties and tribal governments. This technology also allows county emergency managers to access notification tools including FEMA’s Integrated Alerts and Warnings System (IPAWS) which is capable of issuing messaging to all cell phones in a geographic area. This OR-Alert page will direct you to the sign up page for each county in Oregon.

Does this cost me anything?

Standard voice and text message rates may apply for certain types of notifications, depending on your carrier.

Who sends the alerts?

Alerts are sent by official public safety and emergency management authorities at the local, county, tribal, and/or state level depending on the scope of the emergency.

What platform(s) are messages sent through?

The two primary systems in use within Oregon are Everbridge and AlertSense. Everbridge is in use by 34 Oregon counties while AlertSense is active in Umatilla and Malhuer.

Can I reply to the alerts?

Generally, no, however the system may ask that recipients acknowledge receipt of the message. Messages may include instructions on ways to get additional help or more information.

What’s the best way to ensure I will receive alerts during an emergency?

The best way to ensure you are notified in an emergency is to sign up for alerts at the county level and/or download the Everbridge mobile app. Another option is to text your zip code to 888777. Finally, you should always try to monitor local TV and/or radio outlets during an emergency.

Can I sign someone else up for Everbridge?

In order to protect the privacy of others, Everbridge requires a unique username and password per registered account. A single account can register up to five addresses per alerting organization, which means you can receive alerts at work, school, play, home and for loved one’s locations.

Will Everbridge share my information?

Everbridge provides full control over privacy settings; you decide what information is shared and when, including your location, images and videos. This information will not be shared outside of Everbridge or the organization with which you have purposefully connected.

Where can I find more information
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